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Our Business

Windblown Fibers 


Lots of colors. Fun and laughter. Listening ears and hearts.

  Cozy projects. Learning new things. 

Appreciation of hard work and skillful artistry.

High-quality yarns and fibers.  Friendly chats.


We want our business to be a little puddle of heaven!


Windblown Fibers 


Lots of colors. Fun and laughter. Listening ears and hearts.

  Cozy projects. Learning new things. Friendly chats.

Appreciation of hard work and skillful artistry. 

High-quality yarns and fibers. 


Our Mission


We wish to give every customer the opportunity to have an enjoyable experience with every project! To have each stitch completed with confidence!


Having quality materials and tools available at our business means we contribute to every individual and the fiber community as a whole!



Our Values


Transparency - Our family is Christian, this means we are followers of Jesus Christ.  As Christians, we believe that we have a God that loves us and all people and is willing to be with and in us our entire life. No matter who we are, where we are from, what we look like or what we have done or are doing. 


What this means for our business and our customers.   


Everything we do, we do for the glory for of the one who made us and under His authority. All those we come in contact with are to be treated with the greatest respect.  As tenderly and compassionately as Jesus would treat them.  With reverence to all authority above us.  Dealing honestly with those with whom we do business.  


If you would like to learn more about our values,

please contact us by email, phone or by coming into the store and asking us personally!  We would love to talk together!



Our Family 


The Mom

Zantha is super friendly! Ready to listen and has a great eye for color!

Has always been the resource woman! 

Profile Hannah.jpg


The Daughter 

Hannah can get overly passionate about an idea. Has a good head for knitting and crocheting, and other fiber crafts and loves to teach others!


The Son

Nathan is our photographer and videographer!  He gives a great perspective to the business. 



Meeting At Eastridge Mall

Knit and Crochet Night 

- Tuesdays 5pm to 7pm

Contact Information

  TEL. 307-337-3900