Knitting Needles!

Hey! How it going! Yep! we are open today - Saturday’s 10 am to 4 pm! - Knitting needles! The foundation of having a good time while knitting. I have used quite a verity of needles and my favorites are Chiaogoo Knit Red. (the ones with the red cord) That cord is sooo nice! Honestly if you are feeling frustrated while knitting on circular needles check your cable, if it is stiff, curling, stitches to spread out, tough pushing the stitches up onto the needle, that sort of thing, look for a needle the has a flexible cable that is the correct length. Knit red needles have a “nylon coated, stainless steel cord” with smooth connections joining needle to cord. The needles tips are a brushed stainless steel (so not to slippery) with nice sharp tips. The other really nice thing about Knit Red needles is they are really affordable compared to needles with similar structure!

Use this link to order!

We have a great selection of sizes! Please share with someone that might need nicer needles! ⠀ Thank you for supporting local yarn shops like ours!

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